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Created for novices and pro travelers alike, GoneTrippinPodcast interviews experts in all areas.  Expect some tangents, you’re along for the ride as hosts Ren Garner and Cam Rinaldi interview valued people in the industry from photographers to vagabonds and everything in between. Our weekly podcast helps you make every trip an adventure!

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#37: Everyone But Two

Join our discussions as we talk with guest, Carla Brown, Director and Writer of the upcoming documentary EVERYONE BUT TWO: THE LIFE, LOVE & TRAVEL OF BENJAMIN AND FRANCES GRAHAM. Hosts Ren and Cam discuss the passion behind the story, the importance of taking paid time off, and why road trip travel is affordable.

#36: Arrowvale, Farm Camping in Canada

While talking with our first guest from Canada, hosts Ren and Cam discuss the beauty of Arrowvale Campground & Farm, along with the intricacies of reindeer versus caribou, fries versus tots, and cartoons versus reality.

#35: Pillars of a Road Trip: Food

We talk with fellow podcaster, Chef Chris Clarke, of Something About Food? on this episode.  We dive in to favorite road trip snacks and the restaurants that need to be on your bucket list.  Make sure to listen in as the omnivore, vegetarian, and mostly vegan discuss the most important pillar of a road trip:…

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