#12: Survivor Winner Ben Driebergen

Don’t miss Season 35 Survivor winner Ben Driebergen on Episode 12! Listen in as he talks Ben Bombs (and maybe even a Ren Bomb), what it’s really like on the show and what he’s doing now.

You can download this episode from your favorite podcast listening app or listen to it below. Check here for links, photos, and any video we talk about during the show!


  1. […] Don’t miss the discussion on “Ben Bombs” Survivor Winner, Ben Driebergen, Episode 12. […]

  2. […] It’s a real thing people. The five-year-old was right: Abraham Lincoln’s last bowel movement is on display in the Gettysburg Dime Museum. Admission is $7, cash only. And if our random facts about bowel movements interest you, check out Survivor Winner Ben Driebergen’s advice on going to the bathroom in the ocean in Episode #12. […]

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