#20: What if Lewis and Clark Had Bikes?

Meet Alan, retired teacher, Ohioan native, and bicycle enthusiast. He joins us for Episode 20 to talk about his most recent 12,000 mile bicycle ride around the perimeter of the United States.  Benefiting Habitat for Humanity and Save the Children, this isn’t Alan’s first big ride.  Listen in as he talks about what to bring, what to eat, and where he stays along his journey.

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Drink of the Day

Any physical activity requires rehydration so today’s drink is none other than Gatorade Flo Blackberry Wave. It’s not Cam’s typical Mango flavor, but it’s still delicious and does the trick.

Guest Spotlight

Fulfilling a teenage dream of riding his bicycle across the county, Alan Thompson rode his way around the perimeter of the United States, totaling over 12,000 miles.  No stranger to bicycling tours, Alan has rode on 5 of the 7 continents (sorry, Antarctica).  He’s completed an Around the World tour, followed the trail by Lewis and Clark, and hasn’t stopped bicycling since his first Schwinn as a boy in Ohio.

To donate and check out Alan’s charities, Habitat for Humanity and Save the Children, you can find that on his website, usperimeterride.org, here.  Alan depended on his bike, Floyd, and on hospitality from fellow travelers using the site Warm Showers, a community devoted to bicycle tourists.

His advice for long bike rides? Stay in shape, start pulling extra weight to get used to the trailer, and get your rear-end conditioned to your bike seat!

Bucket List

While not a big bicycler, Ren has always wanted to bike the Hiawatha Trail, the crown jewel of rail-to-trail adventures.  It’s family-friendly and mostly downhill, perfect for bikers of all ages.

Random Tidbits

John Colter’s legend is still part mystery and part folk-lore.  You can read more about his story here and the view the Colter Stone at the Teton Valley Museum.

If you’d like to start planning your own bicycle tour, you can check out Adventure Cycling Association, with almost 50,000 miles of mapped rides.

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