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#20: What if Lewis and Clark Had Bikes?

Meet Alan, retired teacher, Ohioan native, and bicycle enthusiast. He joins us for Episode 20 to talk about his most recent 12,000 mile bicycle ride around the perimeter of the United States.  Benefiting Habitat for Humanity and Save the Children, this isn’t Alan’s first big ride.  Listen in as he talks about what to bring,…

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#19: The Fraternity of Reenactments

In Episode 19, we meet John Green. He’s the Captain of Company C in the 28th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. Never heard of it? How about those crazy guys who dress up in accurate time period clothing and do battle reenactments? THAT’S John! Join us as we talk to him about what goes wrong, how he…

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#17: Rise and Shine Campers!

For this Episode, join us as we talk to Lori Miarecki, the caretaker of Cherry Tree Inn Bed and Breakfast. Movie fans may recognize this iconic bed and breakfast as Bill Murray’s backdrop to his repeatable day in the movie, Groundhog Day. But unlike popular belief, it’s actually located in Woodstock, Illinois, 45 miles outside…

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