#22: Virtual Reality: Best Seat in the House

Did you recently miss your favorite concert?  Want to travel somewhere foreign but unsure if you can trust the stock photos found on the internet?  Meet Michael, CEO of OnlyinVR, a virtual reality tour guide of cities, hotels, and even concerts and our guest for Episode 22. His job is to provide you with the best seat in the house and a glimpse of what happens backstage.  Join us as we talk full-scale immersion in the digital world and what’s coming up next in the world of VR.

You can download this episode from your favorite podcast listening app (how?) or listen to it below. Check here for links, photos and video we talk about during the show!

Drink of the Day

This drink gets us up close and comfortable with our guest: Naked. More specifically, the Boosted Smoothie Green Machine by Naked. Filled with apple, kiwi, broccoli, spinach, wheat grass, and more, this drink is thicker than most of our usual drinks, but just as tasty.  Check out their entire product line here.

Guest Spotlight

Michael wants to make sure that the viewer is the one in charge. While some are skeptics and think virtual reality may derail the tourism or music industry, our hosts agree that it allows visitors more knowledge to be prepared for their trip while seeing actual footage of the area, not just what a photographer or director want you to see.

Looking to get into VR but not sure what equipment is best?  Here’s Michael’s top 4 headsets for beginner VR users:

You can download the OVR app from iTunes or Google Play and visit his site here at OnlyinVR.com.

Imax has several locations dedicated to virtual reality and more can be found here.  There is a video arcade in New York completely devoted to VR and can be found here.

Here’s a clip regarding how Stanford uses VR in their football program.

Random Tidbits

While VR cameras might be great at concerts, they’re not always great in sports, particularly baseball.  Here’s a video of a drone getting taken out.

Baseball in general can be dangerous for any type of camera.

Hosts Ren and Cameron almost made it through an entire episode without a movie reference (thanks Twister), but they made up for it in sports references. First up, is the “Immaculate Reception.”

Ren’s favorite football game is the 2007 Fiesta Bowl Oklahoma Sooners versus Boise State Broncos. This will not be the last time he mentions this game, so just get to the good part of the game and watch during the 4th quarter!

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