#24: Running with Wolves

Jonathan joins us for this episode to talk motorcycles, bucket list items, and how to stay in touch with other riders courtesy of his app, WolfPack.

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Drink of the Day

Pineapple Hint Water is this Episode’s Drink of the Day. Both Ren and Cam enjoyed this flavored water much better than the coconut water from Episode 12.  You can view all of the flavors Hint has here.

Guest Spotlight

Jonathan, founder and CEO of the app WolfPack, shares with us why his app is helpful and safest while out on the road. No more lost friends on long destination drives, choose from rides you create or that have already been done.  Just in case you may need help along the way, check out their built-in roadside assistance with BAM.

Jonathan’s advice to the beginner rider:

  • safety in numbers
  • be in the middle of the group
  • do not buy a crotch rocket (hint, hint, Cameron)

You can download the WolfPack app from the Apple Store and Google Play and don’t forget to check out his website wolfpack.run (not .com)!

Bucket List

Our guest has several favorite rides including Solomons Island and Shenandoah Park.  His bucket list items are still the Tail of the Dragon and to make it out to Sturgis in the Black Hills of North Dakota.

Random Tidbits

Jonathan rides an Indian, Cameron leans towards riding a sport bike, specifically a Ninja, and Ren’s bike is the Ural Motorcycle with the all-important sidecar.  Which is a much better upgrade to his scooter-riding days.

You can find out more about The Race of Gentlemen and see pictures from their event this past June on their website.

Movie Madness

  • Wild Hogs, starring Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, and John Travolta
  • Hot Rod, starring Andy Samberg and Isla Fisher
  • Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2, starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James
  • Rush Hour 2, starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker

Food Favs

Mango Grill, a local restaurant located here in Hagerstown, Maryland, is a favorite for both our hosts.  It has to be good if both the vegetarian and the mostly-meat-eater enjoy it!

More Listening

To hear us chat more about motorcycles, check out our interview with Chris.  If you are more into bicycles than motorcycles, check out our interview with Alan.

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  1. Jonathan Chashper on July 13, 2018 at 2:53 pm

    Ren, Cameron

    Was a pleasure! Definitely one of the better podcasts that I took part in 🙂

    Thank you for having me, and, just say “When” and I will be there with my Indian bike!

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