#25: Hike Your Own Hike

We welcome the American Hiking Society on Episode 25 where we talk about how to get involved in hiking from beginners to pros, how to be prepared for any length of hike, and why Snickers isn't a bad thing to bring along with you.

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Drink of the Day

With Cameron's dislike of water, it's not always easy finding the perfect Drink of the Day, especially with water being the main source of hydration when hiking.  Ren went easy on him this episode and brought in a little of Cameron's favorite flavor, mango.  This episode's drink is Gatorade Flow Pineapple Mango.  The color scared both hosts, but the taste was great.  Don't let this drink be confused with the Tropical Mango in Episode 9 or Blackberry Wave in Episode 20.

Guest Spotlight

Wesley from  the American Hiking Society joins us in this episode.  He gives a little bit of background about the AHS and talks about the several different types of volunteer opportunities available.  These range from college stewardship opportunities to week long vacation volunteer trips.  You can volunteer for backpacking, cabins, or join for National Trails Day, the first Saturday in June every year.  There are some age limits and a questionnaire is required to match you with your best trail.

There are three different types of trails in the United States:

  1. National Scenic Trails. These include trails like Continental Divide Trail, Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), and Appalachian Trail.
  2. National Historic Trails. These include trails like Oregon Trail and Lewis and Clark Trail.
  3. National Recreation Trails.  These smaller trails are near more urban developed areas.

Wesley's advice for being able to accomplish any size of hike is simple:

  • Start small. Set small goals.
  • Remove the mental barriers.
  • Have the physical capacity to achieve it.
  • Keep track of what you have accomplished.
  • Remember there are always times where you will have to push through your own limits.
  • Don't forget the morale boost!

You can find the American Hiking Society online, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Make sure you check out the section on Hiking 101 for their many resources and tips on how to leave no trace.

Bucket List

Even experienced hikers like Wesley have uncompleted treks on their Bucket List.  You can check out more information on the Continental Divide Trail and see where Ren's worst hike occurred near Jennie Lake.

Movie Madness

The movie mentions weren't so hot this episode, but check out Wild, starring Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern based on the memoir by the same name. Fair warning: neither host has seen this movie or read this book. Ren just knows it has to do with the PCT.

More Listening

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