#33: We Go Where The Wind Takes Us

Jake Frame from the US Hot Air Balloon Team joins us for Episode 33. Jake talks about getting his pilot license at 14, how riders found their way home before GPS, and why they may not make a great first date. You can count on hosts Ren and Cam adding in some balloon puns, but whether they are good or not, we’ll let you decide.

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Drink of the Day

This episode’s drink led to some controversy. Is Red Ribbon Pennsylvania Punch carbonated or not?  Try it and tell us what you think.

Guest Spotlight

Jake earned his student pilot license at the age of 14 and now works for US Hot Air Balloon Team, the largest hot air balloon company on the East Coast.  They fly from five different locations and each flight is different with their own unique views.  For a first time ride, Jake recommends flying over Lancaster.  And for a first date – please choose a group ride!


The duration of the flight is about an hour with part of the adventure of finding where to land. Guests fly about a mile above the ground and along the tree line.  If you are worried about your fear of heights, it’s not really an issue. There isn’t a height sensation as you gradually ascend.

Jake’s favorite place to fly over is the Alps, but if you can’t make it there, be sure to visit Jake and his team of pilots through the website, facebook, youtube, instagram, or twitter.

Movie Madness

It’s hard to talk about hot air balloons and NOT bring up Around the World in 80 Days.  There are several different versions of this movie including remakes and mini-series, but the latest movie stars Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan.

One more balloon movie: Up.  You know it needed to be mentioned.

Bucket List

If you aren’t close enough to join Jake on a balloon ride, check to see if some of these balloon festivals are in your area:

Random Tidbits

Keep your hand, feet, and teeth inside the basket at all times.


To read the article on pythons in the Everglades, it can be found here.

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