#35: Pillars of a Road Trip: Food

We talk with fellow podcaster, Chef Chris Clarke, of Something About Food? on this episode.  We dive in to favorite road trip snacks and the restaurants that need to be on your bucket list.  Make sure to listen in as the omnivore, vegetarian, and mostly vegan discuss the most important pillar of a road trip: food.  

You can download this episode from your favorite podcast listening app (how?) or listen to it below. Check here for links, photos, and any video talked about during the show!

Drink of the Day

The Drink of the Day for today’s podcast episode is Apple Pie from Excel Bottling.  The hosts and guest agreed this soda would be really yummy with vanilla ice cream in a float.

Guest Spotlight

Meet Chef Chris Clarke, host of the podcast Something About Food? She’s mostly vegan for health purposes but can’t say no to a delicious pastry.  Don’t worry, she’s not being vegan at you.


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Chris’s go-to road trip snacks were Slim Jims before the vegan began.  Now, it’s almond butter with apple slices, mixed nuts or Louisville Vegan Jerky.

You can check her out on her website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and her latest episode, “Shell Yes,” and look for her upcoming book: Clarke Wanders the World.


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Food Favs and Bucket List

Since GoneTrippin Podcast loves all things travel AND all things food, it makes perfect sense that this podcast episode talks new places to travel just for the food.  Check out some of the favorites:

Buffalo Wings to try in Buffalo, New York:

Vegan and Vegetarian Options:

And some must trys:

Ren mentioned a place near Denver with the best key lime pie but couldn’t remember the name.  It’s The Ranch at West 40.


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More Listening

How do you have an episode about food and not mention our interview with Cathy from Ray’s Tavern?  Make sure to listen and be sure to visit next time you are in southern Utah!

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