#37: Everyone But Two

Join our discussions as we talk with guest, Carla Brown, Director and Writer of the upcoming documentary EVERYONE BUT TWO: THE LIFE, LOVE & TRAVEL OF BENJAMIN AND FRANCES GRAHAM. Hosts Ren and Cam discuss the passion behind the story, the importance of taking paid time off, and why road trip travel is affordable.

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Hippo Size Beverages, Prodigious Peach was our tasty Drink of the Day.

Guest Spotlight

August 10, 1965, Benjamin and Frances Graham, an African American married couple from Baltimore, Maryland, with no prior camping experience, accompanied by their three small children, embarked on their maiden voyage to the New York World’s Fair in their newly purchased 17’ Stardust Travel Trailer.  That same week, Congress passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Watts Riots erupted for which 14,000 National Guardsman were deployed, 34 people were killed (31 African Americans), 1,000 were injured, and 4,000 were jailed. In the end, they traveled 35 years, in 3 trailers, 94, 219.80 miles, spending $32,600.05 to every state but two.

Carla Brown is  developing a documentary, Everyone But Two: The Life, Love and Travel of Benjamin and Frances Graham. Benjamin Graham (her grandfather) kept meticulous logs tracking every detail of their trips; i.e., routes driven and the amounts spent on gas, groceries and camp fees. In essence, she can retrace their steps and tell their compelling story as African Americans traveling by trailer thru America during a turbulent time in American history.

Learn more about Carla’s story by visiting her website at EveryoneButTwo.com.

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Netflix Comedy Special, Happy Face, Starring Ryan Hamilton.

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