#38: State of the Podcast

As the New Year has come and gone, we’ve had some exciting changes and would love to update you on our own “State of the Union- ” we mean…podcast. We’ll update you on our new content, give you a sneak of some upcoming guests, and give you hints to make traveling and adventuring easy. Expect some tangents, you’re along for the ride as hosts Ren & Ashley Garner interview valued people in the industry from photographers to vagabonds and everything in between. Our weekly podcast helps you make every trip an adventure!

You can download this episode from your favorite podcast listening app (how?) or listen to it below. Check here for links, photos, and any video talked about during the show!

Drink of the Day

To celebrate our new format and new host, the Drink of the Day is Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider. It’s a great drink for all members of the family no matter the occasion!.

Guest Spotlight

To get to know our new host better, Ashley’s inaugural address tells us more about her background, her travel and her favorite weak spot: gift shops.

Not all of our trips have been perfect. In fact, we like to hear other people’s travel fails almost as much as we love to adventure. No trip is going to go perfect and making the best of it is part of the fun. On our 9-day road trip, our then 5-year-old was not going to have a good day, no matter what!

Bucket List

Ashley’s goal is to hit all 50 states. She has the West Coast covered, but is still missing a lot of the Northeast and Southern states!

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