#40: Long Acres Alpaca Farms

Mike Sarah and an alpaca

As you take the scenic route to Long Acres, you’ll have everything you need for a relaxing weekend: peace and quiet, fresh vegetables from the Heritage Garden, and your own private alpaca herd. Listen in as Sarah talks about how she got started with alpacas and how you may never want to leave after you stay in the Guest House.

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Guest Spotlight

Meet Sarah: once a nurse, she now runs an Alpaca farm in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania and knows all 100 alpacas by name.

The alpacas on Long Acres are fluffly like a teddy bear. Their wool is similar to cashmere or merina sheep wool. While related to camels and llamas, the aplacas spit less, but aren’t as great as protectors like the llamas.

When you visit the farm, you come and live the lifestyle. The goal is just to enjoy. It gives you a chance to unplug and slow down. Guests are welcome to come up to the farm and observe or help out and immerse yourself. Stay at the secluded Guest House on the Alpaca Farm, surrounded by your own little herd of alpacas.

You can find out more about Sarah, Long Acres Alpaca Farm, and the Guest House by visiting her website, Instagram, YouTube, or booking a stay at the Guest House.

Be sure to check out when hosts Ren and Ashley as they visited the Farm!

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