#43: 1000 Hours Outside

Ginny joins us to discuss how she started the project 1000 Hours Outside, easy ways to enjoy hit your goal outdoors and great meals to eat when you’re not indoors.

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Drink of the Day

Our Drink of the Day was submitted to us by a listener! They sent us an Amazon package with a four pack of Royalty Ginger Beer. Ren loved it, Ashley prefers a little sweeter taste. If you’d like to try some, you can buy it here. (If the drink of the day picture is crooked, I fully blame WordPress – it refused to put it upright!)

Featured Guest

Photo by 1000 Hours Outside

After lots of research, Ginny found that aiming for about 4-6 hours a day outside was the perfect amount of time for kids to be outdoors! She now tries to encourage others to try to reach the goal of 1000 hours outside each year.

You can join the movement and follow simple weekly goals by visiting her website, Facebook, or Instagram and using the hashtag #1000hoursoutside (and #gonetrippin!).

Photo by 1000 Hours Outside

Food Favs

Much to our dismay, today’s episode with 1000 Hours Outside is not sponsored by Subway or McDonalds. Although, we do love food and are never opposed to food sponsors!

Lodge cast iron also does not sponsor us, but we really do love their product for camping and every day cooking at our home. While this isn’t an ad, here is one of our favorites:

Photo by 1000 Hours Outside

Bucket List

  • Ice Cream Capital of the World in Le Mars, Iowa
  • Yellowstone
  • Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa
  • Ludington, Michigan

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