#44: Out of the Mouths of Babes

We’re all about making every trip an adventure and most often our adventures are accompanied by our favorite people: our kids! Our three oldest join us this episode for a tell-all. Hear what the kids like and dislike about our trips along with our listeners’ feedback on past episodes.

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Drink of the Day

If you’re going to have kids on the show, you’re going to end up drinking Alien Snot. Part of the “Totally Gross Soda” line of Always Ask for Avery, we’ll be rethinking putting kiwi and blue raspberry together anytime soon.

Guest Spotlight

We love our kids. We love traveling with our kids. Our kids loved being guests on the podcast. They tell some of their favorite places and we just love hearing their answers!

Thank you for all our listeners’ feedback and stories. We love hearing from you!

In this episode we got to share some of our listeners’ reactions to the stories we’ve told on air and we love it. Thank you so much for making us feel like we talk to more than the wall (and our moms). You guys are the best!

You can hear Ren’s huge travel-fail that I will never let him live down at the beginning of episode 41: Fremont River Guides. It’s worth a listen!

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