What exactly is a podcast?

It's a free, on-demand radio show that posts on the internet. With just a few simple clicks, you can be on your way to listening to GoneTrippinPodcast.

Podcasts are free and easy to use. You can stream them live from our site or you can download an episode or two (or all!) for listening later without Wi-Fi or using any data.


Where you can find us


You can stream any of our podcasts directly from our site. Just head over to our Episodes where you can find a direct link inside the post. Just push play!


If you're already using a smart phone or tablet, chances are, you've already got the means to listen to our show, without even knowing it!

Android User?

Google Play Music: For android phone and tablet users, this free, pre-loaded app helps make listening to our show easy.

  • Simply open "Play Music" and search "GoneTrippinPodcast."
  • Once you see our awesome faces, click the menu button (the 3 dots stacked up like snowmen) and click "Subscribe."
  • You can choose to auto-download the latest episodes (highly recommended) or get notifications when the newest episodes are up.
  • Click subscribe once more and you're all set!

Or an Apple User?

Apple Podcasts: If you have an iPhone or an iPad, this pre-loaded app makes it easy for you to listen.

  • Just click on "Podcasts" search "GoneTrippinPodcast"
  • Click on the best podcast out there and start listening!